One thing we want to achieve with Waldbrand is to create appealing designs which get people thinking. Coming to terms with urban phenomenons, society and the role of nature are central aspects of our work, just like purely graphical aspects are. But another major aspect is also to produce each garment in limited editions. It is unusual for more than 500 shirts, sweaters etc. to leave our hands with the same design, just because we can’t really afford to produce larger quantities and we don’t want to represent fashion for the masses. After all, we deliberately distance ourselves from mass and surplus production. That is exactly we wish to establish unique pieces of clothing on the market.

If it’s textiles that are used as the medium for graphic display, then at least they should be sustainable!

The philosophical background to Waldbrand is to the attempt to open minds to the responsibilities connected with textile purchases. Paying more attention to the background and conditions concerning a product is more important than ever, as is the development of a consciousness for the interrelations, reasons and consequenses.

clownfisch und Hebebühne e.V. präsentieren: NEEDFUL THINGS 2
Designmarkt in und an der Hebebühne | Mirker Str. 62, Wuppertal Elberfeld
Samstag, 22. Mai 2010 ab 14.00 Uhr

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