06.05.17 | 10:00 – 13:00 | »Brik« Workshop: Discrete Cities – and Belgian breakfast!

06.05.17 | 10:00 – 13:00 | »Brik« Workshop: Discrete Cities – and Belgian breakfast!

Invitation to a workshop on Wuppertal
6th of May – 10h to 13h
Free Participation – Belgian breakfast offered!

Dear people from Wuppertal,

Hallo, Hallo,
wir sind eine Gruppe von Menschen aus Brüssel die einen Workshop über »unbekannte Städte« veranstalten. Wir werden bei einem gemeinsamen Frühstück Eindrücke und Meinungen zu diesem Thema sammeln die wir dann in einer Ausstellung im Oktober in Brüssel präsentieren werden.
Der Workshop findet auf Englisch statt am 06  Mai um 10 Uhr morgens in Utopiastadt.
Ihr seid herzlich dazu eingeladen !

We actually wanted to talk about cities people know less than the global ones, see what happens there, show the interests and problematics of these places, and try to discuss this issue during a multidisciplinary exhibition in Brussels.

We would in fact like to launch a yearly festival on discrete cities, and for the first edition, we randomly picked up the city of Wuppertal as a practical case. We decided to go there, discover the city, meet people, stakeholders, get out, take pictures, movies… in order to make out of all this an event in Brussels about what happens in Wuppertal (with videos, sounds, maps, interviews, debates, concerts, beers…).

This event called BRIK will take place on the 28th of October in Brass (you are welcome!).

It is still an on-going process, and for our 3rd travel in Wuppertal we need a further involvment of the citizens of Wuppertal ! We would then like to exchange our views, experiences and stories with people from Wuppertal during a workshop.

This workshop, that you are kindly invited to attend, will take place on the 6th of May from 10h to 13h, in Utopiastadt.

For this, the idea would be to have from 10 to 20 participants ready to fill up with us subjective maps, questionnaires, and have discussions about »their« Wuppertal. The participants will be welcomed with a Belgian breakfast.

Ahead of the workshop, if possible (non compulsory) the participants are also asked to send us one picture of Wuppertal that reminds them a story they are then ready to discuss during the workshop.
To send us this picture (which doesn’t need at all to be artistic or pretty, ordinary pictures are just perfect!), please use our website http://www.brik-projet.tk or our email secondezoneasbl@gmail.com

RSVP : Also please let us know if you participate with an email to the same address.

Last but not least this workshop is free and will mostly take part in English!

Please also feel free to contact us by email, on our website, or on phone (+32497638535) if any questions.

Thanks in advance for taking this into consideration!
Looking forward to meeting you !
All the best,
Antoine, Sonia, Justine & Jean from the Brik project!


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